Property Portfolio1

Note: Hines Global REIT II suspended its initial public offering as of September 30, 2017. As a result, shares of Hines Global REIT II are no longer available to new investors. The Company expects to commence a follow-on offering in the future and has filed a Registration Statement for such an offering, which is currently pending SEC effectiveness. Click here to learn more about recent events regarding the Company.

Asset Locations
Stars for cities with more than one property are labeled with the number of projects in that city.



Hines Global Income Trust2

Hines Securities launched this fund in 2014, which has the ability to invest in domestic and international real estate that can include office, industrial, multifamily, retail and hospitality/leisure properties, as well as other real estate investments.

1The aggregate value of the properties was determined using the appraised values as of August 31, 2017 for assets acquired prior to August 31, 2017 and the net purchase price for the asset acquired subsequent to August 2017.

2Hines Global Income Trust, Inc. formerly known as Hines Global REIT II.