SEC Filings

HMS Income Fund closed to new investors on September 30, 2017.

To view all of the Company's filings, please see the SEC website.

Prospectus and Supplements

2018/03/22Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 6.07MB
2018/01/31Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 555.83 KB
2017/11/27Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 591.73 KB
2017/11/15Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.8MB
2017/10/31Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 406.26 KB
2017/10/20Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 611.43 KB
2017/10/03Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 404.79 KB
2017/08/15Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.71MB
2017/08/15Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.71MB
2017/07/31Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 557.21 KB
2017/07/05Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 561.68 KB
2017/05/16Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.47MB
2017/05/01Prospectus (HMS Income Fund)Download PDF 12.47MB
2017/04/27Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 593.84 KB
2017/04/10Supplement to Prospectus Download PDF 528.88 KB
2017/03/09Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 5.77MB
2017/02/24Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 534.31 KB
2017/02/10Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 445.86 KB
2017/01/19Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 401.25 KB
2017/01/12Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.76 KB

Financial Reports

2018/03/2110-K 2017 Year-End ReportDownload PDF 6.76MB
2017/11/1410-Q for Third Quarter 2017Download PDF 2.89MB
2017/08/1410-Q for Second Quarter 2017Download PDF 2.8MB
2017/05/1510-Q for First Quarter 2017 Download PDF 2.54MB
2017/05/01Proxy Statement and Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders - HMS Income Fund 2017Download PDF 523.22 KB
2017/04/28HMS Income Fund 2016 Annual ReportDownload PDF 1.56MB
2017/03/072016 Annual Report 10-KDownload PDF 10.03MB

Current Reports and Other Filings

2018/04/13Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 1.95MB
2018/03/23Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 311.78 KB
2018/03/22 Declaration of Second Quarter 2018 DistributionsDownload PDF 418.22 KB
2018/02/02Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 1.95MB
2018/01/308-K Fee Waiver UpdateDownload PDF 534.09 KB
2017/12/27Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 311.79 KB
2017/12/14Declaration of First Quarter 2018 DistributionsDownload PDF 418.23 KB
2017/11/278-K Amendment and Restated Credit Facility AgreementDownload PDF 4.81MB
2017/11/06Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 1.95MB
2017/10/318-K Change in Dividend Reinvestment PriceDownload PDF 285.97 KB
2017/10/208-K Fee Waiver Update and Dividend Reinvestment Plan AmendmentDownload PDF 874.93 KB
2017/10/038-K Close of OfferingDownload PDF 295.02 KB
2017/09/22Schedule TO - Tender Offer Results AmendmentDownload PDF 311.56 KB
2017/09/198-K Stockholders' Annual Meeting Update and Declaration of Fourth Quarter 2017 DistributionsDownload PDF 437.73 KB
2017/08/04Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 1.44MB
2017/07/268-K Fee Waiver UpdateDownload PDF 524.20 KB
2017/07/058-K Amendment and Restated Credit Facility AgreementDownload PDF 565.19 KB
2017/06/20Declaration of Third Quarter 2017 DistributionsDownload PDF 416.98 KB
2017/06/19Final Amendment to Tender Offer StatementDownload PDF 312.61 KB
2017/05/24Filing of Fidelity BondDownload PDF 5.39MB
2017/04/28Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 1.44MB
2017/04/248-K Fee Waiver UpdateDownload PDF 524.26 KB
2017/04/048-K announces joint venture Download PDF 1.25MB
2017/03/27Declaration of Second Quarter 2017 DistributionsDownload PDF 410.97 KB
2017/03/24Final Amendment to Tender Offer StatementDownload PDF 311.61 KB
2017/02/22 8-K Announces Extension of the Public Offering through September 30, 2017Download PDF 285.33 KB
2017/02/108-K Press Release Announcing NuStep Investment Download PDF 1.02MB
2017/02/03Schedule TO - Tender Offer Download PDF 1.44MB
2017/01/188-K Increase in Offering Price to $9.30 Per ShareDownload PDF 278.90 KB
2017/01/128-K Increase in Offering Price to $9.15 Per ShareDownload PDF 278.80 KB

Reports of Beneficial Ownership
(Section 16 filings)

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