Prospectus and Supplements

2015/10/02Supplement No. 3Download PDF 574.35 KB
2014/12/17Supplement No. 2Download PDF 571.80 KB
2013/12/05Supplement No. 1Download PDF 583.97 KB
2012/07/27Post-Effective Amendment No. 1Download PDF 26.68 KB
2011/09/22HR_Supplement_10.pdfDownload PDF 3.44 KB
2011/09/22HR_Supplement_9.pdfDownload PDF 3.40 KB
2011/08/04Supplement 6Download PDF 254.37 KB
2011/06/20Post-Effective Amendment 7Download PDF 23.67 KB
2011/09/22HR_Supplement_1.pdfDownload PDF 227.90 KB
2011/09/22HR_Supplement_2.pdfDownload PDF 3.83 KB
2011/08/04Supplement 2Download PDF 3.83 KB
2011/08/04Supplement 10Download PDF 3.44 KB
2011/09/22HR_Post_Effective_Amendment_4.pdfDownload PDF 1.8MB
2011/08/04Supplement 9Download PDF 3.40 KB
2011/09/22HR-_Post_Effective_Amendment_7.pdfDownload PDF 23.67 KB
2011/09/22HR_Supplement_3.pdfDownload PDF 248.11 KB
2011/09/22HR_Supplement_6.pdfDownload PDF 254.37 KB
2011/08/04Post-Effective Amendment 6Download PDF 2.39MB
2011/08/04Supplement 3Download PDF 248.11 KB
2011/09/22HR_Post_Effective_Amendment_6.pdfDownload PDF 2.39MB
2011/08/04Post-Effective Amendment 4Download PDF 1.8MB
2011/09/22HR_Supplement_7.pdfDownload PDF 11.87 KB

Financial Reports

2016/09/16SCHEDULE 14A Additional Proxy Materials Download PDF 1.2MB
2016/08/1510-Q for Second Quarter 2016Download PDF 10.3MB
2016/05/1110-Q for First Quarter 2016Download PDF 1.11MB
2016/04/30Hines REIT 2015 Annual ReportDownload PDF 1.48MB
2016/03/2810-K Hines REIT 2015 Annual ReportDownload PDF 3.03MB
2015/11/1210-QDownload PDF 1.3MB
2015/08/1210-QDownload PDF 2.74MB
2015/06/15Notice of Annual Meeting of StockholdersDownload PDF 1.48MB
2015/04/30Proxy Statement and Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders - Hines REIT 2015Download PDF 1.48MB
2015/04/30Hines REIT 2014 Annual ReportDownload PDF 3.13MB
2015/03/3110-Q Download PDF 655.86 KB
2014/12/3110-K 2014 Year-End ReportDownload PDF 1.18MB
2014/09/30 10-QDownload PDF 1.4MB
2014/08/2610-Q Amendment No. 1 to Quarterly ReportDownload PDF 1.35MB
2014/06/3010-QDownload PDF 1.34MB
2014/03/3110-QDownload PDF 1.21MB
2013/12/31Hines REIT 2013 Annual ReportDownload PDF 3.48MB
2013/12/3110-KDownload PDF 6.57MB
2013/09/3010-QDownload PDF 1.32MB
2013/06/3010-QDownload PDF 1.29MB
2013/03/3110-QDownload PDF 1.14MB
2012/12/3110-KDownload PDF 2.75MB
2012/12/31Hines REIT 2012 Annual ReportDownload PDF 3.8MB
2012/09/3010-QDownload PDF 661.58 KB
2012/06/3010-QDownload PDF 346.91 KB
2012/03/3110-QDownload PDF 273.04 KB
2011/12/3110-KDownload PDF 723.78 KB
2011/12/31Hines REIT 2011 Annual ReportDownload PDF 3.31MB
2011/09/3010-QDownload PDF 297.15 KB
2011/06/3010-Q Download PDF 336.42 KB
2011/03/3110-QDownload PDF 226.42 KB
2010/12/31Hines REIT 2010 Annual ReportDownload PDF 1.14MB
2010/12/3110-K Download PDF 667.90 KB
2010/09/3010-Q Download PDF 282.23 KB
2010/06/3010-Q Download PDF 263.76 KB
2010/03/3110-QDownload PDF 226.17 KB
2009/12/31Hines REIT Annual Report 2009Download PDF 2.06MB
2009/12/3110-K 12/31/09Download PDF 697.53 KB
2009/09/3010-Q 9/30/09Download PDF 251.67 KB
2009/06/3010-Q 6/30/09Download PDF 243.98 KB
2009/03/3110-Q 3/31/09Download PDF 225.41 KB
2008/12/31Hines REIT 2008 Annual ReportDownload PDF 2.01MB
2008/12/3110-K 12/31/08Download PDF 597.02 KB
2008/09/3010-Q 9/30/08Download PDF 233.36 KB
2008/06/3010-Q 6/30/08Download PDF 226.67 KB
2008/03/3110-Q 3/31/08Download PDF 202.39 KB
2011/09/22HR_10Q_3.31.09.pdfDownload PDF 225.41 KB
2011/09/22HR_Form_RW.pdfDownload PDF 25.00 KB
2011/09/22HR_10Q_9.30.08.pdfDownload PDF 233.36 KB
2011/09/22Hines_REIT_10K_12_31_09.pdfDownload PDF 697.53 KB
2011/09/22HR_10Q_6.30.08.pdfDownload PDF 226.67 KB
2011/06/20Form RWDownload PDF 21.00 KB
2011/08/04Supplement 1Download PDF 227.90 KB
2011/09/22HR_10Q_6.30.09.pdfDownload PDF 243.98 KB
2011/06/20Form S-3Download PDF 140.84 KB
2011/09/22HR_Annual_Report_2009.pdfDownload PDF 2.06MB
2011/08/04Supplement 7Download PDF 11.87 KB
2011/09/22HR_10Q_3.31.08.pdfDownload PDF 202.39 KB
2011/09/22HR_10K_12.31.08.pdfDownload PDF 597.02 KB
2011/09/22HR_10Q_9.30.09.pdfDownload PDF 251.67 KB
2011/09/22HR_Annual_Report_2008.pdfDownload PDF 2.01MB

Other Filings

2016/08/198-K Sale of 321 North ClarkDownload PDF 534.59 KB
2016/08/128-K Shareholder Mailing Date UpdateDownload PDF 569.77 KB
2016/08/088-K Sale of Seven of the Grocery-Anchored Shopping Centers within the Grocery-Anchored PortfolioDownload PDF 541.91 KB
2016/08/018-K Sale of JPMorgan Chase TowerDownload PDF 603.54 KB
2016/07/208-K Letter Issued to Hines REIT Stockholders Download PDF 1MB
2016/06/248-K Contract to Sell the Grocery-Anchored PortfolioDownload PDF 278.57 KB
2016/06/01 8-K June 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.39 KB
2016/05/318-K Dividend Reinvestment Plan and Share Redemption Program UpdateDownload PDF 276.93 KB
2016/05/278-K Contract to Sell 321 North ClarkDownload PDF 276.99 KB
2016/05/268-K Agreement to Sell JPMorgan Chase TowerDownload PDF 277.67 KB
2016/05/098-K Agreement to Sell JPMorgan Chase TowerDownload PDF 274.98 KB
2016/05/028-K May 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.40 KB
2016/04/018-K April 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 399.30 KB
2016/03/018-K March 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.55 KB
2016/02/018-K February 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.53 KB
2016/01/048-K January 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 399.36 KB
2015/12/01 8-K December 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.43 KB
2015/11/028-K November 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.43 KB
2015/10/018-K October 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 399.33 KB
2015/09/168-K Hines REIT September 2015 Share RepricingDownload PDF 437.77 KB
2015/09/16Hines REIT 2015 Proxy Results and Shareholder PresentationDownload PDF 812.36 KB
2015/09/168-K Amendment to Hines REIT’s BylawsDownload PDF 278.24 KB
2015/09/018-K September 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.43 KB
2015/08/038-K August 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.42 KB
2015/07/31Completion of Sale of 2555 GrandDownload PDF 540.78 KB
2015/07/018-K July 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 399.30 KB
2015/06/108-K Agreement to Sell 2555 GrandDownload PDF 275.58 KB
2015/06/018-K June 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.39 KB
2015/05/018-K May 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 391.01 KB
2015/04/178-K Acquisition of Civica Commons in Bellevue, WADownload PDF 528.44 KB
2015/04/018-K April 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 391.35 KB
2015/03/028-K March 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 390.85 KB
2015/02/028-K February 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 390.84 KB
2015/01/028-K January 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 391.30 KB
2014/12/038-K New Estimated Per Share Net Asset Value Increase to $6.50Download PDF 395.45 KB
2014/12/018-K December 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 390.85 KB
2014/11/038-K November 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.41 KB
2014/10/158-K Completion of Sale of Airport Corporate CenterDownload PDF 556.42 KB
2014/10/018-K October 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 399.21 KB
2014/09/178-K Hines REIT 2014 Proxy Results and Shareholder PresentationDownload PDF 615.54 KB
2014/09/028-K September 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.42 KB
2014/08/018-K August 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.27 KB
2014/07/11Supplement to Annual Proxy Statement: Officer ChangesDownload PDF 294.40 KB
2014/07/118-K Sale of Airport Corporate CenterDownload PDF 4.01MB
2014/07/01July 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 399.05 KB
2014/06/028-K June 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.25 KB
2014/04/29Hines_REIT_2013_Proxy_Statement_as_filed.pdfDownload PDF 1.52MB
2014/04/018-K Declaration of Distributions for April 2014 and Share Redemption Plan UpdateDownload PDF 399.28 KB
2014/03/038-K March 2014 DistributionsDownload PDF 397.57 KB
2014/02/038-K February 2014 DistributionsDownload PDF 397.55 KB
2014/01/158-K Howard Hughes AcquisitionDownload PDF 3.15MB
2014/01/038-K January 2014 DistributionsDownload PDF 391.32 KB
2013/12/048-K Pending Acquisition of Howard Hughes CenterDownload PDF 407.33 KB
2013/12/028-K December 2013 DistributionsDownload PDF 397.21 KB
2013/11/258-K/A New Estimated Per Share Net Asset Value (Ameneded)Download PDF 437.21 KB
2013/11/258-K New Estimated Per Share Net Asset ValueDownload PDF 434.26 KB
2013/11/018-K November Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.21 KB
2013/10/018-K October 2013 Distributions Declared and Share Redemption Plan UpdateDownload PDF 399.29 KB
2013/09/188-K Proxy Results and Shareholder PresentationDownload PDF 1.34MB
2013/07/108-K Hines REIT Sells Three West Coast BuildingsDownload PDF 615.95 KB
2013/07/018-K July 2013 Distributions Declared and Share Redemption Plan UpdateDownload PDF 398.92 KB
2013/06/038-KDownload PDF 390.92 KB
2013/05/148-KDownload PDF 2.57MB
2013/04/308-KDownload PDF 397.04 KB
2013/04/038-KDownload PDF 2.62MB
2013/03/288-KDownload PDF 457.51 KB
2013/03/018-KDownload PDF 588.41 KB
2013/02/268-KDownload PDF 406.98 KB
2013/01/308-K 1/30/13Download PDF 393.07 KB
2013/01/308-K 1/30/13Download PDF 1.42MB
2013/01/178-K 1/24/13Download PDF 269.43 KB
2012/12/048-K 12/4/12Download PDF 1.66MB
2012/11/298-K 11/29/12Download PDF 411.61 KB
2012/08/318-K 8/31/12Download PDF 12.21 KB
2012/08/228-K 8/22/12Download PDF 535.55 KB
2012/08/208-K 8/20/12Download PDF 22.64 KB
2012/08/088-K 8/8/12Download PDF 49.03 KB
2012/06/288-K 6/28/12Download PDF 37.52 KB
2012/05/178-K 5/17/12Download PDF 1,008.87 KB
2012/04/278-K 4/27/12Download PDF 38.01 KB
2012/03/298-K 3/29/12Download PDF 677.67 KB
2012/02/298-K 2/29/12Download PDF 41.01 KB
2012/01/318-K 1/31/12Download PDF 17.09 KB
2011/12/298-K 12/29/11Download PDF 17.01 KB
2011/12/158-K 12/15/11Download PDF 1.23MB
2011/11/308-K 11/30/11Download PDF 13.11 KB
2011/10/318-K 11/4/11Download PDF 29.91 KB
2011/10/288-K 10/28/11Download PDF 13.11 KB
2011/10/208-K 10/20/11Download PDF 425.68 KB
2011/08/308-K 8/30/11Download PDF 15.73 KB
2011/08/238-K 8/26/11Download PDF 661.98 KB
2011/07/288-K 7/27/11Download PDF 1.13MB
2011/06/298-K 6/29/11Download PDF 241.97 KB
2011/06/0914D-9 6/9/11Download PDF 62.26 KB
2011/06/098-K 6/9/11Download PDF 38.81 KB
2011/06/018-K 6/1/11Download PDF 12.91 KB
2011/06/018-K 6/7/11Download PDF 44.37 KB
2011/05/248-K 5/24/11Download PDF 23.83 KB
2011/05/248-K 5/26/11Download PDF 16.53 KB
2011/04/298-K 4/29/11Download PDF 11.81 KB
2011/02/258-K 2/25/11Download PDF 15.49 KB
2011/01/318-K 1/31/11Download PDF 11.81 KB
2010/12/308-K 12/30/10Download PDF 11.85 KB
2010/12/238-K 12/23/10Download PDF 12.56 KB
2010/12/208-K 12/20/10Download PDF 1.47MB
2010/12/138-K 12/13/10Download PDF 43.22 KB
2010/12/018-K 12/1/10Download PDF 12.00 KB
2010/10/298-K 10/29/10Download PDF 9.79 KB
2010/10/078-K 10/7/10Download PDF 17.49 KB
2010/09/308-K 9/30/10Download PDF 9.20 KB
2010/09/018-K 9/1/10Download PDF 7.28 KB
2010/08/248-K 8/24/10Download PDF 8.12 KB
2010/07/308-K 7/30/10Download PDF 7.29 KB
2010/07/018-K 7/1/10Download PDF 10.04 KB
2010/06/308-K 6/30/10Download PDF 79.96 KB
2010/05/268-K 5/26/10Download PDF 7.25 KB
2010/04/228-K 4/28/10Download PDF 41.28 KB
2010/04/138-K 4/13/10Download PDF 7.27 KB
2010/01/088-K 10/8/10Download PDF 35.15 KB
2009/12/318-K 12/31/09Download PDF 322.57 KB
2009/12/108-K 12/10/09Download PDF 15.75 KB
2009/12/018-K 12/1/09Download PDF 13.39 KB
2009/11/248-K 11/24/09Download PDF 16.72 KB
2009/10/308-K 10/30/09Download PDF 11.66 KB
2009/09/298-K 9/29/09Download PDF 20.40 KB
2009/08/318-K 8/31/09Download PDF 7.35 KB
2009/07/318-K 7/31/09Download PDF 7.27 KB
2009/07/068-K 7/6/09Download PDF 17.55 KB
2009/07/018-K 7/1/09Download PDF 7.19 KB
2009/06/308-K 6/30/09Download PDF 36.53 KB
2009/01/248-K 1/24/09Download PDF 13.74 KB
2008/12/128-K 12/12/08Download PDF 6.78 KB
2008/12/088-K 12/8/08Download PDF 7.18 KB
2008/11/068-K 11/06/08Download PDF 11.49 KB
2008/10/148-K 10/14/08Download PDF 10.32 KB
2008/10/038-K 10/3/08Download PDF 7.16 KB
2008/08/268-K 8/26/08Download PDF 8.61 KB
2008/07/018-K 7/01/08Download PDF 7.19 KB
2008/06/306/30/08 8-KDownload PDF 13.73 KB