NOTE:  Hines Global REIT closed to new investors on April 11, 2014.

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Prospectus and Supplements

2014/04/09Supplement No. 10Download PDF 2.29MB
2014/04/09Post-Effective Amendment No. 5Download PDF 421.84 KB
2014/02/28Post-Effective Amendment No. 4Download PDF 427.43 KB
2014/02/28Supplement No. 9Download PDF 440.25 KB
2014/01/13Post-Effective Amendment No. 3 / Supplement No. 8Download PDF 4.87MB
2013/12/18Supplement No. 7Download PDF 1.4MB
2013/12/12Supplement No. 6 Download PDF 1.4MB
2013/10/15Supplement No. 5Download PDF 1.75MB
2013/08/23Supplement No. 4Download PDF 1.35MB
2013/07/19Post-Effective Amendment No. 2 / Supplement No. 3Download PDF 7.58MB
2013/07/18Supplement No. 2Download PDF 1.23MB
2013/06/04Supplement No. 1Download PDF 395.79 KB
2013/04/30Hines Global REIT Prospectus - April 2013Download PDF 6.4MB
2013/04/19Post-Effective Amendment No. 1Download PDF 6.42MB
2013/03/27Supplement No. 1Download PDF 465.85 KB
2013/02/04Hines Global REIT Prospectus - February 2013Download PDF 2.41MB
2012/12/21Supplement No. 6Download PDF 518.14 KB
2012/12/21Supplement No. 7Download PDF 518.28 KB
2012/11/20Supplement No. 5Download PDF 679.86 KB
2012/08/21Supplement No. 3 Download PDF 434.23 KB
2012/07/17Post-Effective Amendment 10 Download PDF 1.64MB
2012/05/15Supplement No. 1Download PDF 299.79 KB
2012/04/30Hines Global REIT Prospectus - April 2012Download PDF 1.96MB
2012/04/20Post-Effective Amendment 9 Download PDF 1.87MB

Financial Reports

2016/11/0910-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 206.31 KB
2015/11/1610-Q XBRL FilesDownload PDF 1.47MB
2015/11/1610-Q for Third Quarter 2015 Download PDF 1.47MB
2015/08/1310-Q for Second Quarter 2015 Download PDF 4.75MB
2015/08/1310-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 272.24 KB
2015/06/22Updated Notice of Annual Meeting of StockholdersDownload PDF 1.29MB
2015/06/15Notice of Annual Meeting of StockholdersDownload PDF 1.51MB
2015/04/30Proxy Statement and Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders - Hines Global REIT 2015Download PDF 1.51MB
2015/04/30Hines Global REIT 2014 Annual ReportDownload PDF 3.64MB
2015/03/3110-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 255.57 KB
2015/03/3110-Q for First Quarter 2015 Download PDF 1.28MB
2014/12/3110-K XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 394.91 KB
2014/12/3110-K 2014 Year-End ReportDownload PDF 1MB
2014/09/30 10-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 310.16 KB
2014/09/3010-QDownload PDF 678.09 KB
2014/06/3010-QDownload PDF 1.36MB
2014/06/3010-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 289.25 KB
2014/03/3110-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 278.13 KB
2014/03/3110-QDownload PDF 663.64 KB
2013/12/3110-K XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 493.42 KB
2013/12/3110-KDownload PDF 2.33MB
2013/12/31Hines Global REIT 2013 Annual ReportDownload PDF 2.98MB
2013/09/3010-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 300.76 KB
2013/09/3010-QDownload PDF 1.41MB
2013/06/3010-Q XBRL FileDownload Zip Archive 289.88 KB
2013/06/3010-QDownload PDF 1.37MB
2013/03/3110-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 265.35 KB
2013/03/3110-QDownload PDF 1.26MB
2012/12/31Hines Global REIT 10-K XBRLDownload Zip Archive 401.06 KB
2012/12/3110-KDownload PDF 2.27MB
2012/12/3110-K/ADownload PDF 589.68 KB
2012/12/31Hines Global REIT 2012 Annual Report Download PDF 4.55MB
2012/09/30Hines Global REIT 10-Q XBRLDownload Zip Archive 311.62 KB
2012/09/3010-QDownload PDF 688.40 KB
2012/06/3010-QDownload PDF 362.95 KB
2012/06/30Hines Global REIT 10-Q XBRLDownload Zip Archive 212.91 KB
2012/03/3110-QDownload PDF 271.17 KB
2011/12/31Hines Global REIT 2011 Annual ReportDownload PDF 1.49MB
2011/12/31Hines Global REIT 10-K XBLRDownload Zip Archive 93.89 KB
2011/12/3110-KDownload PDF 587.68 KB
2011/09/3010-QDownload PDF 242.95 KB
2011/09/30Hines Global REIT 10-Q XBRL FileDownload Zip Archive 73.34 KB
2011/06/30Hines Global REIT 10-Q XBRL FileDownload Zip Archive 55.08 KB
2011/06/3010-Q Download PDF 287.28 KB
2011/03/3110-QDownload PDF 177.37 KB
2010/12/31Hines Global REIT 2010 Annual ReportDownload PDF 1.31MB
2010/12/3110-KDownload PDF 453.64 KB
2010/09/3010-QDownload PDF 180.54 KB
2010/06/3010-QDownload PDF 148.67 KB
2010/03/3110-Q Download PDF 285.37 KB
2009/12/31Hines Global REIT 2009 Annual ReportDownload PDF 3.4MB
2009/12/3110-KDownload PDF 222.04 KB
2009/09/3010-Q Download PDF 90.39 KB

Current Reports and Other Filings

2018/01/188-K December 2017 Special Distribution Email to Financial AdvisorsDownload PDF 435.11 KB
2017/12/298-K December 2017 Special Distribution and New Estimated Per Share Net Asset ValueDownload PDF 283.06 KB
2017/12/128-K Description of Dealer Manager Agreement, Amended Limited Partnership Agreement, Advisory Agreement, Distribution Reinvestment Plan and SRPDownload PDF 496.25 KB
2017/09/078-K Proxy Results and Shareholder PresentationDownload PDF 1.56MB
2017/07/038-K July 2017 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 282.13 KB
2017/06/02Schedule 14A Amendment to 2016 ProxyDownload PDF 1.05MB
2017/06/018-K June 2017 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 282.24 KB
2017/05/018-K May 2017 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 275.31 KB
2017/05/018-K Annual Meeting of ShareholdersDownload PDF 91.94 KB
2017/04/038-K April 2017 Distributions Declared Download PDF 280.85 KB
2017/02/27 8-K New Estimated Per Share Net Asset ValueDownload PDF 464.24 KB
2017/02/138-K Sale of Brindleyplace Project Download PDF 669.28 KB
2015/12/01 8-K December 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.19 KB
2015/11/028-K November 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.19 KB
2015/10/018-K October 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.18 KB
2015/09/308-K Hines Global REIT 2015 Proxy Results Download PDF 277.39 KB
2015/09/17SCHEDULE 14A Proxy Statement 2015 Shareholder Meeting Adjournment Download PDF 301.92 KB
2015/09/178-K Hines Global REIT 2015 Proxy Results and Shareholder PresentationDownload PDF 6.3MB
2015/09/178-K Amendment to Hines Global REIT’s BylawsDownload PDF 276.67 KB
2015/09/018-K September 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.19 KB
2015/08/038-K August 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.14 KB
2015/07/018-K July 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.18 KB
2015/06/298-K Amendment and Restated Credit Facility AgreementDownload PDF 287.95 KB
2015/06/018-K June 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.18 KB
2015/05/228-K Statement of OperationsDownload PDF 635.28 KB
2015/05/118-K Amendment to Advisory AgreementDownload PDF 275.17 KB
2015/05/018-K May 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.17 KB
2015/04/018-K April 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 268.62 KB
2015/03/258-K New Estimated Per Share Net Asset Value Download PDF 874.77 KB
2015/03/048-K Acquisition of The Summit in Bellevue, WADownload PDF 278.48 KB
2015/03/028-K March 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 268.60 KB
2015/02/178-K New Pricing Formula under Share Redemption ProgramDownload PDF 272.95 KB
2015/02/028-K February 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 268.61 KB
2015/01/028-K January 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 269.11 KB
2014/12/018-K December 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 268.61 KB
2014/11/038-K November 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.07 KB
2014/10/318-K Acquisition of 818 BourkeDownload PDF 306.15 KB
2014/10/018-K October 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.06 KB
2014/09/188-K Hines Global REIT 2014 Proxy Results and Shareholder PresentationDownload PDF 886.18 KB
2014/09/028-K September 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 273.94 KB
2014/08/018-K August 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.23 KB
2014/07/148-K Press Release for New Chief Investment OfficerDownload PDF 306.13 KB
2014/07/11Supplement to Annual Proxy Statement: Officer ChangesDownload PDF 419.64 KB
2014/07/01July 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.26 KB
2014/06/028-K June 2014 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.21 KB
2014/04/30Hines Global REIT Annual Proxy StatementDownload PDF 1.56MB
2014/04/24Form S-3 Shares Registered for Purchase under Distribution Reinvestment PlanDownload PDF 835.22 KB
2014/04/228-K Statement of OperationsDownload PDF 485.56 KB
2014/04/018-K Declaration of Distributions for April 2014Download PDF 274.45 KB
2014/03/288-K Acquisition of 25 Cabot SquareDownload PDF 278.43 KB
2014/03/038-K March 2014 DistributionsDownload PDF 274.71 KB
2014/02/118-K Acquisition of an Interest in The RimDownload PDF 314.39 KB
2014/01/158-K/A Howard Hughes Center FinancialsDownload PDF 676.39 KB
2014/01/038-K January & February 2014 DistributionsDownload PDF 268.75 KB
2013/12/098-K Acquisition of 55 M Street SEDownload PDF 308.43 KB
2013/10/188-K Fiege ClosingDownload PDF 313.05 KB
2013/10/018-K Fourth Quarter Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.48 KB
2013/09/208-K Proxy Results and Shareholder PresentationDownload PDF 1.13MB
2013/08/298-K Acquisition of 2300 Main Street in Irvine, CADownload PDF 309.45 KB
2013/08/298-K Agreement to Acquire Fiege Mega CentreDownload PDF 278.13 KB
2013/08/138-K Acquisition of Two Retail CentersDownload PDF 315.11 KB
2013/07/018-K Third Quarter 2013 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 274.30 KB
2013/06/218-K Perspective Defense AcquisitionDownload PDF 276.52 KB
2013/06/108-KDownload PDF 277.48 KB
2013/05/238-KDownload PDF 277.79 KB
2013/05/228-KDownload PDF 395.79 KB
2013/05/148-KDownload PDF 317.83 KB
2013/05/028-KDownload PDF 311.88 KB
2013/04/188-KDownload PDF 536.83 KB
2013/04/168-KDownload PDF 279.97 KB
2013/04/038-KDownload PDF 283.05 KB
2013/03/288-KDownload PDF 331.62 KB
2013/03/278-KDownload PDF 428.44 KB
2013/02/288-KDownload PDF 314.82 KB
2013/02/288-KDownload PDF 301.72 KB
2013/02/258-KDownload PDF 281.41 KB
2013/02/138-K & Press ReleaseDownload PDF 275.60 KB
2013/02/048-K Download PDF 269.02 KB
2013/01/308-K Download PDF 270.52 KB
2012/12/218-K Download PDF 394.56 KB
2012/12/218-K/ADownload PDF 394.73 KB
2012/12/148-K Download PDF 414.79 KB
2012/12/148-KDownload PDF 705.53 KB
2012/10/118-KDownload PDF 542.82 KB
2012/09/058-KDownload PDF 367.29 KB
2012/08/318-KDownload PDF 13.67 KB
2012/08/138-KDownload PDF 47.98 KB
2012/08/078-KDownload PDF 14.66 KB
2012/07/168-K Download PDF 22.12 KB
2012/06/288-K Download PDF 14.01 KB
2012/06/228-KDownload PDF 54.68 KB
2012/06/148-KDownload PDF 57.04 KB
2012/04/208-KDownload PDF 58.19 KB
2012/04/198-KDownload PDF 41.22 KB
2012/04/178-K Download PDF 44.36 KB
2012/04/068-KDownload PDF 17.36 KB
2012/04/038-K Download PDF 69.39 KB
2012/03/308-KDownload PDF 23.12 KB
2012/02/298-KDownload PDF 69.21 KB
2012/01/048-KDownload PDF 48.16 KB
2011/12/298-K Download PDF 63.56 KB
2011/12/218-KDownload PDF 50.04 KB
2011/11/238-K Download PDF 14.00 KB
2011/11/178-KDownload PDF 52.21 KB
2011/11/078-KDownload PDF 23.68 KB
2011/11/048-KDownload PDF 31.50 KB
2011/09/298-KDownload PDF 12.56 KB
2011/09/298-KDownload PDF 64.44 KB
2011/09/208-K Download PDF 19.89 KB
2011/09/198-K Download PDF 22.30 KB
2011/09/148-KDownload PDF 13.59 KB
2011/08/248-K Download PDF 872.30 KB
2011/08/188-K Download PDF 42.74 KB
2011/07/198-KDownload PDF 82.60 KB
2011/06/308-K Download PDF 12.13 KB
2011/05/278-KDownload PDF 52.91 KB
2011/05/058-KDownload PDF 17.21 KB
2011/03/158-KDownload PDF 28.73 KB
2011/03/118-K Download PDF 23.80 KB
2011/03/038-KDownload PDF 13.45 KB
2010/12/308-K Download PDF 12.08 KB
2010/12/018-K Download PDF 38.25 KB
2010/11/048-K Download PDF 71.74 KB
2010/11/048-K Download PDF 22.09 KB
2010/10/278-KDownload PDF 17.53 KB
2010/10/268-KDownload PDF 15.63 KB
2010/10/198-KDownload PDF 17.01 KB
2010/10/198-K Download PDF 884.96 KB
2010/10/198-KDownload PDF 66.66 KB
2010/09/308-KDownload PDF 9.33 KB
2010/09/248-K Download PDF 42.91 KB
2010/09/088-KDownload PDF 65.87 KB
2010/09/088-KDownload PDF 699.14 KB
2010/09/088-KDownload PDF 22.92 KB
2010/08/238-KDownload PDF 7.70 KB
2010/07/018-KDownload PDF 56.94 KB
2010/07/018-K Download PDF 55.96 KB
2010/07/018-KDownload PDF 57.77 KB
2010/06/098-KDownload PDF 10.37 KB
2010/05/248-K Download PDF 9.55 KB
2010/05/198-KDownload PDF 38.46 KB
2010/05/138-K Download PDF 9.13 KB
2010/03/058-K Download PDF 12.49 KB

Reports of Beneficial Ownership

(Section 16 filings)

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