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Prospectus and Supplements

2020/04/21Post-Effective Amendment No. 35Download PDF 3.63MB
2020/04/16Post-Effective Amendment No. 34Download PDF 467.57 KB
2020/03/17Post-Effective Amendment No. 33Download PDF 540.21 KB
2020/02/13Post-Effective Amendment No. 32Download PDF 546.76 KB
2020/01/16Post-Effective Amendment No. 31Download PDF 546.75 KB
2019/12/17Post-Effective Amendment No. 30Download PDF 547.32 KB
2019/11/14Post-Effective Amendment No. 29Download PDF 547.32 KB
2019/10/17Post-Effective Amendment No. 28Download PDF 547.29 KB
2019/09/16Post-Effective Amendment No. 27Download PDF 547.31 KB
2019/08/16Post-Effective Amendment No. 26Download PDF 545.39 KB
2019/07/17Post-Effective Amendment No. 25Download PDF 547.22 KB
2019/06/14Post-Effective Amendment No. 24Download PDF 542.98 KB
2019/05/16Post-Effective Amendment No. 23Download PDF 431.61 KB
2019/05/16Supplement No. 2Download PDF 433.32 KB
2019/04/29HGIT April 2019 Prospectus with SupplementsDownload PDF 7.82MB
2019/04/15Supplement No. 15Download PDF 433.87 KB
2019/04/15Post-Effective Amendment No. 22Download PDF 434.12 KB
2019/03/15Supplement No. 14Download PDF 433.65 KB
2019/03/15Post-Effective Amendment No. 20Download PDF 447.37 KB
2019/02/14Post-Effective Amendment No. 19Download PDF 447.36 KB
2019/02/14Supplement No. 13Download PDF 433.60 KB
2019/01/16Post-Effective Amendment No. 18Download PDF 447.35 KB
2019/01/16Supplement No. 12Download PDF 430.01 KB
2018/12/31Post-Effective Amendment No. 17Download PDF 1.34MB
2018/12/20Post-Effective Amendment No. 16Download PDF 7.76MB
2018/12/14Post-Effective Amendment No. 15Download PDF 447.47 KB
2018/12/14Supplement No. 10Download PDF 424.96 KB
2018/11/27Supplement No. 9Download PDF 575.10 KB
2018/11/27Post-Effective Amendment No. 14Download PDF 582.56 KB
2018/11/16Supplement No. 8Download PDF 1.5MB
2018/11/15Post-Effective Amendment No. 4Download PDF 447.22 KB
2018/11/15Supplement No. 7Download PDF 424.79 KB
2018/10/24Supplement No. 6Download PDF 300.31 KB
2018/10/17Post-Effective Amendment No. 3Download PDF 447.21 KB
2018/10/17Supplement No. 5Download PDF 422.21 KB
2018/09/14Post-Effective Amendment No. 2Download PDF 447.23 KB
2018/09/14Supplement No. 4Download PDF 420.18 KB
2018/09/10Supplement No. 3Download PDF 1.93MB
2018/08/16Post-Effective Amendment No. 1Download PDF 447.16 KB
2018/08/16Supplement No. 2Download PDF 420.08 KB
2018/08/15Supplement No. 1Download PDF 1.51MB
2018/07/17Post-Effective Amendment No. 9Download PDF 447.13 KB
2018/07/17Supplement No. 10Download PDF 421.67 KB
2018/06/15Post-Effective Amendment No. 7Download PDF 447.13 KB
2018/06/15Supplement No. 9Download PDF 420.60 KB
2018/05/15Post-Effective Amendment No. 6Download PDF 447.12 KB
2018/05/15Supplement No. 8Download PDF 420.84 KB
2018/04/16Post-Effective Amendment No. 5Download PDF 447.14 KB
2018/04/16Supplement No. 7Download PDF 420.75 KB
2018/04/09Supplement No. 6Download PDF 2.75MB
2018/04/09Post-Effective Amendment No. 4Download PDF 446.88 KB
2018/03/15Post-Effective Amendment No. 3Download PDF 447.18 KB
2018/03/15Supplement No. 5Download PDF 420.42 KB
2018/03/12Supplement No. 4Download PDF 4.22MB
2018/02/13Post-Effective Amendment No. 2 Download PDF 446.96 KB
2018/02/13Supplement No. 3Download PDF 422.46 KB
2018/02/12Supplement No. 2Download PDF 2.14MB
2018/02/09Supplement No. 1Download PDF 268.78 KB
2017/12/26Post-Effective Amendment No. 13Download PDF 421.07 KB
2017/12/06ProspectusDownload PDF 5.09MB
2017/12/06Post-Effective Amendment No. 1Download PDF 2.59MB
2017/08/18Supplement No. 4Download PDF 592.11 KB
2017/08/15Supplement No. 3Download PDF 1.27MB
2017/05/19Supplement No. 2Download PDF 1.19MB
2017/05/01Supplement No. 1Download PDF 91.21 KB
2017/04/28Post-Effective Amendment No. 12Download PDF 2.25MB
2017/03/23Supplement No. 12Download PDF 301.48 KB
2017/03/02Supplement No. 11Download PDF 768.19 KB
2017/02/23Supplement No. 10Download PDF 280.13 KB
2017/02/06Post-Effective Amendment No. 11Download PDF 7.87MB
2017/01/13Supplement No. 9Download PDF 298.91 KB
2016/12/14Supplement No. 8Download PDF 276.87 KB
2016/12/08Supplement No. 7Download PDF 3.06MB
2016/11/18Supplement No. 6Download PDF 1.21MB
2016/10/18Supplement No. 5Download PDF 292.73 KB
2016/10/05Post-Effective Amendment No. 10Download PDF 14.06MB
2016/09/22Supplement No. 3Download PDF 644.49 KB
2016/09/01Supplement No. 2 Download PDF 284.41 KB
2016/08/24Supplement No. 1Download PDF 1.18MB
2016/08/02Post-Effective Amendment No. 9Download PDF 416.78 KB
2016/08/02Prospectus (Global REIT II)Download PDF 1.69MB
2016/07/29Supplement No. 7Download PDF 289.97 KB
2016/07/25Supplement No. 6Download PDF 283.90 KB
2016/07/25Supplement No. 5Download PDF 283.46 KB
2016/07/11Supplement No. 4 Download PDF 299.76 KB
2016/05/13Supplement No. 3 Download PDF 292.37 KB
2016/05/13Supplement No. 2Download PDF 1.04MB
2016/05/05Supplement No. 1Download PDF 403.93 KB
2016/04/29Hines Global REIT II Prospectus April 2016Download PDF 1.65MB
2016/04/15Supplement No. 7Download PDF 575.66 KB
2016/04/11Supplement No. 6Download PDF 271.84 KB
2016/02/04Supplement No. 5Download PDF 275.97 KB
2016/01/22Supplement No. 4Download PDF 5.12MB
2015/12/10Supplement No. 3Download PDF 274.62 KB
2015/11/30Post-Effective Amendment No. 7 and Supplement No. 2Download PDF 8.46MB
2015/08/19Supplement No. 1Download PDF 1.05MB
2015/08/12Hines Global REIT II Prospectus August 2015Download PDF 1.52MB
2015/08/12Post-Effective Amendment No. 6Download PDF 851.27 KB
2015/07/20Supplement No. 4Download PDF 7.04MB
2015/07/17Supplement No. 3Download PDF 7.14MB
2015/05/19Supplement No. 2Download PDF 1MB
2015/05/13Supplement No. 1Download PDF 4.78MB
2015/04/30Hines Global REIT II Prospectus - April 2015Download PDF 1.37MB
2015/04/01Supplement No. 9Download PDF 6.82MB
2015/03/31Supplement No. 8Download PDF 388.62 KB
2015/03/05Post-Effective Amendment No. 3Download PDF 4.22MB
2015/02/26Supplement No. 6Download PDF 273.84 KB
2015/02/26Post-Effective Amendment No. 2Download PDF 502.79 KB
2015/02/25Supplement No. 5Download PDF 6.99MB
2015/02/05Supplement No. 4Download PDF 294.87 KB
2015/01/08Supplement No. 3 Download PDF 269.93 KB
2014/12/30Supplement No. 2Download PDF 385.13 KB
2014/12/24Supplement No. 1Download PDF 281.40 KB
2014/12/12 Post-Effective Amendment No. 1Download PDF 913.37 KB
2014/12/12Prospectus - Hines Global REIT II - December 2014Download PDF 1.09MB
2014/10/06Supplement No. 2Download PDF 396.44 KB
2014/08/29Supplement No. 1Download PDF 274.66 KB
2014/08/20Prospectus - Hines Global REIT II - August 2014Download PDF 1.97MB

Financial Reports

2017/11/0910-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 234.39 KB
2017/11/0910-Q for Third Quarter 2017Download PDF 1.28MB
2017/08/1410-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 234.47 KB
2017/08/1410-Q for Second Quarter 2017Download PDF 1.25MB
2017/07/062016 Annual Proxy Statement - AmendedDownload PDF 1.08MB
2017/05/1510-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 211.63 KB
2017/05/1510-Q for First Quarter 2017 Download PDF 375.37 KB
2017/04/282016 Annual ReportDownload PDF 2.8MB
2017/04/242016 Annual Proxy StatementDownload PDF 1.07MB
2017/03/2710-K XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 268.84 KB
2017/03/2710-K 2016 Year-End Report Download PDF 2.46MB
2016/11/0910-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 206.31 KB
2016/11/0910-Q for Third Quarter 2016Download PDF 1.22MB
2016/08/1210-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 202.61 KB
2016/08/1210-Q for Second Quarter 2016Download PDF 2.35MB
2016/05/1010-Q for First Quarter 2016Download PDF 1.04MB
2016/05/1010-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 173.12 KB
2016/04/30Hines Global REIT II 2015 Annual ReportDownload PDF 1.43MB
2016/04/272015 Annual Proxy StatementDownload PDF 1.55MB
2016/03/2410-K XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 251.04 KB
2016/03/2410-K 2015 Year-End ReportDownload PDF 1.96MB
2015/11/0910-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 186.53 KB
2015/08/1310-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 185.97 KB
2015/08/1310-Q for Second Quarter 2015 Download PDF 1.06MB
2015/04/30Hines Global REIT II 2014 Annual ReportDownload PDF 1.77MB
2015/03/3110-Q for First Quarter 2015 Download PDF 633.09 KB
2015/03/31 10-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 168.81 KB
2014/12/3110-K XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 154.72 KB
2014/12/3110-K 2014 Year-End ReportDownload PDF 1.11MB
2014/09/3010-QDownload PDF 801.99 KB
2014/09/3010-Q XBRL FilesDownload Zip Archive 68.83 KB

Current Reports and Other Filings

2017/11/28Schedule TO - Tender Offer - Amendment No. 4Download PDF 418.12 KB
2017/11/288-K Statement of OperationsDownload PDF 493.37 KB
2017/11/21Supplement No. 5Download PDF 1.26MB
2017/11/20Schedule TO - Tender Offer - Amendment No. 3Download PDF 419.83 KB
2017/10/25Schedule TO - Tender Offer - Amendment No. 2Download PDF 2.14MB
2017/10/248-K Acquisition of Queen's Court Student Residences / November and December 2017 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 417.46 KB
2017/10/20Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 420.46 KB
2017/10/168-K Charter Amendment ProxyDownload PDF 435.68 KB
2017/10/048-K Adjournment of Annual Meeting of StockholdersDownload PDF 401.91 KB
2017/10/038-K New Net Asset Value Per ShareDownload PDF 1.58MB
2017/10/03Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 1.47MB
2017/10/038-K October 2017 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 406.30 KB
2017/09/15SCHEDULE 14A Stockholder LetterDownload PDF 615.20 KB
2017/09/158-K 2017 Proxy Results and Shareholder PresentationDownload PDF 1.79MB
2017/09/15Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 1.89MB
2017/09/018-K September 2017 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 406.31 KB
2017/08/18Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 775.48 KB
2017/08/188-K Suspension of SRPDownload PDF 406.28 KB
2017/08/168-K Statement of OperationsDownload PDF 480.90 KB
2017/08/018-K August 2017 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 406.21 KB
2017/07/038-K July 2017 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 406.19 KB
2017/06/018-K June 2017 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 406.19 KB
2017/05/018-K May 2017 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 165.75 KB
2017/04/128-K Statement of OperationsDownload PDF 479.17 KB
2017/03/248-K Acquisition of Montrose Student Residences in Dublin, IrelandDownload PDF 666.12 KB
2017/03/238-K/A New Distribution Rate for April 2017Download PDF 406.02 KB
2017/03/028-K New Estimated Net Asset Value Per ShareDownload PDF 898.57 KB
2017/03/018-K March 2017 Distributions Declared Download PDF 398.40 KB
2017/02/088-K Agreement to Acquire Montrose Student Residences in Dublin, IrelandDownload PDF 401.75 KB
2017/02/018-K February 2017 Distributions Declared Download PDF 398.38 KB
2017/01/308-K Statement of OperationsDownload PDF 470.27 KB
2017/01/068-K Acquisition of Rookwood Commons and Rookwood Pavilion Shopping Centers in Cincinnati, Ohio Download PDF 3.51MB
2017/01/068-K/A Statement of OperationsDownload PDF 667.89 KB
2017/01/038-K January 2017 Distributions Declared Download PDF 398.38 KB
2016/12/12 8-K Amendment to Loan Agreement Download PDF 440.00 KB
2016/12/088-K Amendment to Selected Dealer Agreement and Cost Reimbursement AgreementDownload PDF 800.45 KB
2016/12/018-K December 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.42 KB
2016/11/018-K November 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.42 KB
2016/10/038-K October 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.42 KB
2016/09/168-K Agreement to Acquire Rookwood Commons and Rookwood Pavilion in Cincinnati, OhioDownload PDF 401.99 KB
2016/09/158-K Amendments to the Distribution Reinvestment Plan and Share Redemption ProgramDownload PDF 436.86 KB
2016/09/158-K Hines Global REIT II 2016 Proxy Results and Shareholder PresentationDownload PDF 1.47MB
2016/09/018-K September 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.43 KB
2016/08/188-K Acquisition of Goodyear Crossing II in Goodyear, ArizonaDownload PDF 454.18 KB
2016/08/188-K/A Statement of OperationsDownload PDF 668.34 KB
2016/08/018-K August 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.37 KB
2016/07/25 8-K Amendments to the Dealer Manager Agreement and Distribution Reinvestment PlanDownload PDF 866.70 KB
2016/07/188-K Cottonwood Corporate Center Acquisition Press ReleaseDownload PDF 1.08MB
2016/07/05 8-K Acquisition of Cottonwood Corporate Center in Cottonwood, UtahDownload PDF 413.32 KB
2016/07/058-K/A Statement of OperationsDownload PDF 658.91 KB
2016/07/018-K July 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.31 KB
2016/06/248-K Agreement to Acquire Goodyear Crossing II in Goodyear, ArizonaDownload PDF 401.37 KB
2016/06/17SCHEDULE 14A Amendment No. 1 to Proxy StatementDownload PDF 1.55MB
2016/06/018-K June 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.31 KB
2016/05/13 8-K Agreement to Acquire Cottonwood Corporate Center in Cottonwood, UtahDownload PDF 3.45MB
2016/05/028-K May 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.97 KB
2016/04/138-K New Estimated Per Share Net Asset Value and Amended and Restated Distribution Reinvestment PlanDownload PDF 679.93 KB
2016/04/118-K/A Statement of OperationsDownload PDF 610.06 KB
2016/04/018-K April 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.08 KB
2016/03/238-A Registration Statement Download PDF 439.30 KB
2016/03/018-K March 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.21 KB
2016/02/048-K Acquisition of Domain Apartments in Henderson, NevadaDownload PDF 2.82MB
2016/02/018-K February 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.19 KB
2016/01/048-K January 2016 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.19 KB
2015/12/048-K Agreement to Acquire Domain Apartments Download PDF 504.84 KB
2015/12/01 8-K December 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.23 KB
2015/11/178-K Statement of OperationsDownload PDF 453.43 KB
2015/11/0910-Q for Third Quarter 2015 Download PDF 1.13MB
2015/11/028-K November 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.23 KB
2015/10/018-K October 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.21 KB
2015/09/23 8-K Hines Global REIT II 2015 Proxy Results and Shareholder PresentationDownload PDF 951.74 KB
2015/09/038-K Amendment and Restated Dealer Manager AgreementDownload PDF 730.22 KB
2015/09/018-K September 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 398.22 KB
2015/08/248-K August 2015 Distributions Declared Download PDF 399.55 KB
2015/08/06 8-K Amendment and Restated Dealer Manager AgreementDownload PDF 412.45 KB
2015/08/038-K August 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 396.63 KB
2015/07/158-K Statement of OperationsDownload PDF 454.50 KB
2015/07/088-K Agreement to Acquire Domain ApartmentsDownload PDF 1.03MB
2015/07/018-K July 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 396.60 KB
2015/06/018-K June 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 397.78 KB
2015/05/018-K May 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 391.32 KB
2015/04/17Updated 8-K for Year Ended December 31, 2014Download PDF 397.74 KB
2015/04/018-K April 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 391.14 KB
2015/03/03Updated 8-K Download PDF 524.20 KB
2015/03/038-K Acquisition of Bishop's Square in DublinDownload PDF 2.84MB
2015/03/028-K March 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 391.09 KB
2015/02/028-K February 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 391.13 KB
2015/01/308-K Agreement to Acquire Bishop's SquareDownload PDF 1.47MB
2015/01/078-K Ameriprise Selected Dealer AgreementDownload PDF 392.53 KB
2015/01/028-K January 2015 Distributions DeclaredDownload PDF 391.10 KB
2014/12/238-K Press Release for Acquisition of 2819 LokerDownload PDF 418.88 KB
2014/12/178-K 2819 Loker Avenue East ClosingDownload PDF 528.08 KB
2014/12/158-K Acquisition of 2819 LokerDownload PDF 1.04MB
2014/11/148-K Agreement to Acquire 2819 Loker Download PDF 1.62MB
2014/09/22 8-K Asset Management Fee Waiver, Distributions and Special Stock Dividends through December 31, 2014Download PDF 277.08 KB

Reports of Beneficial Ownership
(Section 16 filings)

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