Hines Global Income Trust

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Ensure the Financial Future You Envision

Looking for an income solution that may help you reach your long-term financial goals? Consider diversifying your income stream with Hines Global Income Trust, Inc., an attractive foundation for investing in institutional-caliber private real estate from around the world.1

Hines Global Income Trust, a nontraded real estate investment trust (REIT) sponsored by Hines, was designed with your investment goals in mind.2

Curious about how to gain access to globally diversify your portfolio with potential income and growth opportunities? View our Fact Card, Portfolio Update and other public materials here.

 Share ClassesNet Annualized Distribution Rate (Based on NAV)4Net Annualized Distribution Rate (Based on Gross Offering Price)4July 1, 2018 Offering Price Per Share5 
Class T Shares
5.22%6,7 5.04% $10.16  
Class S Shares
5.22%6,7 5.04% $10.16  
Class D Shares
5.97%6,7 5.97% $9.80   
Class I Shares
6.22%7 6.22% $9.80   

The timing and amount of distributions will be determined by our board of directors, in its discretion, and may vary from time to time.
Distributions cannot be guaranteed.
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Why Hines Global Income Trust1

Gain access to the expertise Hines developed through its 60+ years of institutional-caliber private real estate investing experience and global presence in 201 cities in 24 countries to source investments for the portfolio.2

Investment Objectives Income Potential with Stable Cash Distributions7
  Growth Potential
  Potential for Lower Share Price Volatility*
  Geographic and Sector Diversification8
  Preserve and Protect Invested Capital
  Qualify and Remain Qualified as a REIT
Diversification Domestic and International8,9
  Property Sectors: Office, Retail, Industrial, Residential/Living and Hospitality or Leisure

*Hines Global Income Trust's shares are sold at the "transaction price" plus applicable up-front selling commissions and fees. The transaction price generally will be equal to the per share NAV determined as of the end of the prior month. Accordingly, Hines Global Income Trust's offering price per share is subject to less volatility because its per share NAV is based on the value of real estate assets it owns and is not subject to market pricing forces as are the share prices of publicly traded REITs. The value of Hines Global Income Trust's underlying investments may fluctuate and may be worth less than Hines Global Income Trust initially paid for them. Although the offering price is subject to less volatility, Hines Global Income Trust shares are significantly less liquid than shares of a publicly traded REIT, and are not immune to fluctuations.