About Hines Securities

About Hines Securities

Hines Securities, Inc. is the broker-dealer affiliate of Hines, a privately owned global real estate firm with more than 3,900 team members worldwide and a presence in 201 cities in 21 countries as of June 30, 2017. Hines Securities oversees the marketing and sales of Hines-sponsored specialized investment products to individual investors through independent broker-dealer firms and their financial advisors. 

In an effort to allow individual investors to be able to access the expertise Hines developed with institutional investors, Hines Securities launched Hines REIT in 2004 with its portfolio of primarily U.S office properties. Hines Global REIT followed in 2009 to capitalize on Hines’ global presence and its ability to source diverse investment opportunities around the world.1 In 2012, Hines Securities launched HMS Income Fund, a non-traded business development company, to meet the specialized investment product needs of its independent broker-dealer network and their investor clients. And, in 2014, Hines Securities launched Hines Global REIT II, a new fund with the ability to invest in domestic and international real estate that can include office, industrial, multifamily, retail and hospitality/leisure properties, as well as other real estate investments.2

These four investment products held approximately $6.9 billion in collective assets under management as of June 30, 2017. The public offerings of Hines are not comparable in terms, fees and expenses to institutional real estate investments. There is no guarantee that the experience of Hines will translate to positive results for any investment available through Hines Securities.

1Please note: Hines REIT and Hines Global REIT are closed to new investors.

2As of September 30, 2017, shares of Hines Global REIT II are no longer available to new investors pursuant to a Registration Statement to commence a follow-on offering and restructuring of its common stock. To learn more, view the filing on August 18, 2017 here.

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