Hines Global REIT II

Hines Securities launched this new fund in 2014, which has the ability to invest in domestic and international real estate that can include office, industrial, multifamily, retail and hospitality/leisure properties, as well as other real estate investments.

Portfolio Summary as of June 30, 20171

Estimated Aggregate Value: $644.0 million2
Investments: 7 properties, 2,643,827 square feet
Portfolio Occupancy: 97%

1The map and Portfolio Summary include Rookwood, which was acquired in January 2017 and Montrose Student Residence, which was acquired in March 2017. 

2The estimated aggregate value of the properties was determined using the appraised values as of December 31, 2016 for properties acquired prior to December 2016 and the net purchase price of any properties acquired subsequent to December 31, 2016.

Please be aware that Hines Global REIT II (the “REIT”),  Hines Global REIT II Advisors LLP (the “Advisor”), Hines Interests Limited Partnership (the “Sponsor”), Hines Securities, Inc., (the “Dealer Manager”) and their respective officers, directors, employees and affiliates are not undertaking to provide impartial investment advice or to give advice in a fiduciary capacity in connection with the REIT’s public offering or the purchase of the REIT’s common stock and that the Advisor and the Dealer Manager have financial interests associated with the purchase of the REIT’s common stock, as described in the REIT’s prospectus, including fees, expense reimbursements and other payments they anticipate receiving from the REIT in connection with the purchase of the REIT’s common stock. These materials are not intended as a recommendation to make an investment in Hines Global REIT II’s common stock, and investors should consult their financial advisors before making an investment decision.