Prospectus and Supplements

2017/04/27Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 593.84 KB
2017/04/10Supplement to Prospectus Download PDF 528.88 KB
2017/03/09Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 5.77MB
2017/02/24Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 534.31 KB
2017/02/10Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 445.86 KB
2017/01/19Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 401.25 KB
2017/01/12Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.76 KB
2016/12/21Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 529.51 KB
2016/12/14Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 553.21 KB
2016/11/22Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.76 KB
2016/11/16Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.39MB
2016/10/19Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.85 KB
2016/10/11Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 557.66 KB
2016/10/06Prospectus (HMS Income Fund)Download PDF 2.18MB
2016/08/16Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.35MB
2016/07/28Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.75 KB
2016/05/18Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.29MB
2016/05/13Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 700.36 KB
2016/05/05Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.74 KB
2016/04/21Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.79 KB
2016/03/23Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.75 KB
2016/03/14Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 5.64MB
2016/02/18Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.88 KB
2016/02/11 Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 562.21 KB
2016/02/04Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.87 KB
2016/01/22Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 8.45MB
2016/01/19Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.87 KB
2016/01/05Prospectus (HMS Income Fund)Download PDF 1.88MB
2016/01/05Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 555.69 KB
2015/11/12Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.29MB
2015/11/06Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.78 KB
2015/10/28Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 552.89 KB
2015/10/08Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.91 KB
2015/09/30Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 687.57 KB
2015/08/11Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.38MB
2015/07/17Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 7.7MB
2015/06/24Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 711.45 KB
2015/06/04Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 522.63 KB
2015/06/02Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 674.27 KB
2015/05/22Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 683.35 KB
2015/05/18Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 630.44 KB
2015/05/13Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 808.79 KB
2015/05/08Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 7.42MB
2015/05/01Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.55 KB
2015/04/30Prospectus - HMS Income Fund - April 2015Download PDF 2.63MB
2015/04/23Supplement to Prospectus Download PDF 547.57 KB
2015/04/01Supplement to Prospectus Download PDF 7.4MB
2015/03/05Supplement to Prospectus Download PDF 1.19MB
2015/02/25Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 4.77MB
2015/02/09Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 526.06 KB
2015/01/12Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 394.87 KB
2014/12/08Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 543.75 KB
2014/11/14Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 731.89 KB
2014/09/30Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 555.18 KB
2014/09/25Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 561.31 KB
2014/08/12Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 1.5MB
2014/07/25Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 535.01 KB
2014/06/05Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 599.62 KB
2014/05/28Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 526.10 KB
2014/05/14Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 1.47MB
2014/04/28Prospectus - HMS Income Fund - April 2014Download PDF 3.98MB
2014/04/24Post-Effective Amendment No. 7Download PDF 5.74MB
2014/03/17Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 576.61 KB
2014/02/18Supplement - Update to the Suitability Standards in OhioDownload PDF 31.20 KB
2014/01/06Supplement SevenDownload PDF 539.77 KB
2013/11/14Supplement Six - Form 10-QDownload PDF 1.08MB
2013/11/13Supplement FiveDownload PDF 126.38 KB
2013/08/30Supplement FourDownload PDF 215.09 KB
2013/08/14Supplement Three - Form 10-QDownload PDF 1,011.38 KB
2013/07/03Supplement TwoDownload PDF 349.00 KB
2013/05/16Supplement One - Form 10-QDownload PDF 986.50 KB
2013/05/14Prospectus - HMS Income Fund - May 2013Download PDF 5.31MB
2013/05/03Post-Effective Amendment No. 4Download PDF 130.89 KB
2013/03/29Supplement No. 9Download PDF 1.83MB
2013/03/20Supplement No. 8Download PDF 234.52 KB
2013/03/01Supplement No. 7Download PDF 147.33 KB
2013/01/07Supplement No. 6 Download PDF 102.84 KB
2012/11/15Supplement No. 5 Download PDF 899.37 KB
2012/09/28Supplement No. 4Download PDF 262.43 KB
2012/09/28Post-Effective Amendment No. 2Download PDF 124.55 KB
2012/09/07Supplement No. 3 Download PDF 370.76 KB
2012/08/13Supplement No. 2 Download PDF 151.55 KB
2012/06/30Prospectus - HMS Income Fund - June 2012Download PDF 1.74MB
2012/06/28Supplement No. 1Download PDF 52.24 KB
2012/06/25Post-Effective Amendment No. 1Download PDF 2.09MB

Financial Reports

2014/09/3010-QDownload PDF 732.12 KB
2014/06/3010-QDownload PDF 1.58MB
2014/03/3110-QDownload PDF 1.46MB
2013/12/3110-K 2013 HMS Income Fund Annual ReportDownload PDF 429.74 KB
2013/12/312013 Annual Report 10-KDownload PDF 2.7MB
2013/09/3010-QDownload PDF 1.06MB
2013/06/3010-QDownload PDF 1,009.75 KB
2013/06/14Proxy Statement and Notice of Annual Meeting of StockholdersDownload PDF 1.7MB
2013/03/3110-QDownload PDF 904.92 KB
2012/12/312012 Annual Report 10-KDownload PDF 2.17MB
2012/09/3010-QDownload PDF 900.57 KB
2012/06/3010-Q Download PDF 139.18 KB

Other Filings

2015/12/30Amendment No. 2 to Schedule TO Tender Offer Download PDF 279.54 KB
2015/12/23Amendment to Schedule TO Tender Offer Download PDF 279.15 KB
2015/12/178-K Declaration of First Quarter 2016 Distributions Download PDF 393.26 KB
2015/11/16Schedule TO - Tender Offer Download PDF 1.43MB
2015/11/068-K Decrease in Offering Price to $9.55 Per ShareDownload PDF 280.03 KB
2015/10/088-K Decrease in Offering Price to $9.70 Per ShareDownload PDF 280.03 KB
2015/09/248-K Stockholder PresentationDownload PDF 1.39MB
2015/09/23Amendment to Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 303.99 KB
2015/09/23 8-K Credit Facility Agreement, Proxy Results and Fourth Quarter DistributionsDownload PDF 1.17MB
2015/09/148-K Press Release Co-Investment in M.H. Corbin with Main StreetDownload PDF 456.99 KB
2015/08/14Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 694.04 KB
2015/07/168-K Press Release Announcing Two New Portfolio Investments Download PDF 461.83 KB
2015/07/10Amendment to Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 305.51 KB
2015/06/258-K Declaration of Third Quarter 2015 DistributionsDownload PDF 412.06 KB
2015/06/24Schedule TO Tender Offer Download PDF 303.52 KB
2015/06/178-K Amendment and Restated Credit Facility Agreement Download PDF 5.43MB
2015/05/298-K Amendment to Credit Facility Agreement Download PDF 636.47 KB
2015/05/18 8-K Amendment and Restated Credit Facility AgreementDownload PDF 5.23MB
2015/05/138-K Amendment to Credit Facility AgreementDownload PDF 537.20 KB
2015/05/11Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 687.79 KB
2015/05/058-K Fourth Amendment to Credit FacilityDownload PDF 316.22 KB
2015/05/018-K Increase in Public Offering PriceDownload PDF 280.00 KB
2015/04/158-K Fee Waiver UpdatesDownload PDF 435.38 KB
2015/03/25Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 278.29 KB
2015/03/248-K Declaration of Second Quarter 2015 DistributionsDownload PDF 393.02 KB
2015/02/12Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 606.00 KB
2015/02/038-K Amendment to Credit Facility Agreement and Election of new Chief Accounting Officer and TreasurerDownload PDF 399.62 KB
2015/01/098-K Decrease in Offering Price to $9.75 Per ShareDownload PDF 274.63 KB
2014/12/188-K Declaration of First Quarter 2015 DistributionsDownload PDF 400.18 KB
2014/12/17Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 277.21 KB
2014/12/03 8-K Amendment to Credit Facility Agreement Download PDF 430.62 KB
2014/11/13Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 605.52 KB
2014/09/308-K Amendment which Extends the Expense Support AgreementDownload PDF 474.54 KB
2014/09/26Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 295.94 KB
2014/09/228-K Amendment to Credit Facility Agreement and Fourth Quarter DistributionsDownload PDF 658.46 KB
2014/08/218-K Press Release Announcing Mystic Logistics InvestmentDownload PDF 442.49 KB
2014/08/198-K Press Release Announcing Guerdon InvestmentDownload PDF 442.02 KB
2014/08/14Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 250.39 KB
2014/08/058-K Proxy Voting ResultsDownload PDF 276.37 KB
2014/08/058-K Stockholder PresentationDownload PDF 1.39MB
2014/07/228-K Credit AgreementDownload PDF 310.62 KB
2014/06/26Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 296.12 KB
2014/06/04Filing of Fidelity BondDownload PDF 14.57MB
2014/06/03HMS Income Fund Announces New Lower Middle-Market InvestmentDownload PDF 435.51 KB
2014/05/308-K Credit Facility Amendment and Credit AgreementDownload PDF 5.29MB
2014/05/15Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 896.26 KB
2014/04/24Annual Proxy StatementDownload PDF 1.33MB
2014/03/318-K Amendment which Extends the Expense Support AgreementDownload PDF 455.81 KB
2014/03/27Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 296.19 KB
2014/03/258-K Declaration of Second Quarter 2014 DistributionsDownload PDF 430.42 KB
2014/03/18Notice Period for Exemptive ReliefDownload PDF 51.09 KB
2014/03/17Exemptive Relief ApplicationDownload PDF 252.47 KB
2014/03/17FORM N-2 Amendment to Registration StatementDownload PDF 6.19MB
2014/03/118-K Syndicated Credit Facility AgreementDownload PDF 5.85MB
2014/02/278-K Departure and Appointment of Certain OfficersDownload PDF 283.80 KB
2014/01/03Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 294.75 KB
2013/12/308-K Fee Waiver UpdatesDownload PDF 568.91 KB
2013/12/198-K First Quarter 2014 DistributionsDownload PDF 402.08 KB
2013/11/22Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 185.06 KB
2013/11/198-K Amendment of Credit FacilityDownload PDF 159.25 KB
2013/11/118-KDownload PDF 141.82 KB
2013/10/02Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 73.48 KB
2013/09/278-K Fourth Quarter DistributionsDownload PDF 109.17 KB
2013/08/30Schedule TO – Tender OfferDownload PDF 794.45 KB
2013/08/168-K Increase in Borrowing CapacityDownload PDF 207.50 KB
2013/06/278-KDownload PDF 50.84 KB
2013/06/148-KDownload PDF 72.87 KB
2013/04/128-KDownload PDF 118.61 KB
2013/03/288-KDownload PDF 118.98 KB
2013/02/258-KDownload PDF 66.25 KB
2013/01/078-K Download PDF 65.73 KB
2012/12/208-K & Press ReleaseDownload PDF 108.39 KB
2012/09/288-K & Press Release Download PDF 108.09 KB
2012/09/178-K & Press ReleaseDownload PDF 195.58 KB
2012/08/228-KDownload PDF 535.55 KB
2012/06/298-K Download PDF 37.29 KB
2012/06/068-KDownload PDF 40.52 KB