Prospectus and Supplements

2017/04/27Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 593.84 KB
2017/04/10Supplement to Prospectus Download PDF 528.88 KB
2017/03/09Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 5.77MB
2017/02/24Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 534.31 KB
2017/02/10Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 445.86 KB
2017/01/19Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 401.25 KB
2017/01/12Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.76 KB
2016/12/21Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 529.51 KB
2016/12/14Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 553.21 KB
2016/11/22Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.76 KB
2016/11/16Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.39MB
2016/10/19Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.85 KB
2016/10/11Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 557.66 KB
2016/10/06Prospectus (HMS Income Fund)Download PDF 2.18MB
2016/08/16Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.35MB
2016/07/28Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.75 KB
2016/05/18Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.29MB
2016/05/13Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 700.36 KB
2016/05/05Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.74 KB
2016/04/21Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.79 KB
2016/03/23Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.75 KB
2016/03/14Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 5.64MB
2016/02/18Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.88 KB
2016/02/11 Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 562.21 KB
2016/02/04Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.87 KB
2016/01/22Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 8.45MB
2016/01/19Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.87 KB
2016/01/05Prospectus (HMS Income Fund)Download PDF 1.88MB
2016/01/05Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 555.69 KB
2015/11/12Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.29MB
2015/11/06Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.78 KB
2015/10/28Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 552.89 KB
2015/10/08Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.91 KB
2015/09/30Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 687.57 KB
2015/08/11Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 2.38MB
2015/07/17Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 7.7MB
2015/06/24Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 711.45 KB
2015/06/04Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 522.63 KB
2015/06/02Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 674.27 KB
2015/05/22Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 683.35 KB
2015/05/18Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 630.44 KB
2015/05/13Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 808.79 KB
2015/05/08Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 7.42MB
2015/05/01Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 402.55 KB
2015/04/30Prospectus - HMS Income Fund - April 2015Download PDF 2.63MB
2015/04/23Supplement to Prospectus Download PDF 547.57 KB
2015/04/01Supplement to Prospectus Download PDF 7.4MB
2015/03/05Supplement to Prospectus Download PDF 1.19MB
2015/02/25Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 4.77MB
2015/02/09Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 526.06 KB
2015/01/12Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 394.87 KB
2014/12/08Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 543.75 KB
2014/11/14Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 731.89 KB
2014/09/30Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 555.18 KB
2014/09/25Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 561.31 KB
2014/08/12Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 1.5MB
2014/07/25Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 535.01 KB
2014/06/05Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 599.62 KB
2014/05/28Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 526.10 KB
2014/05/14Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 1.47MB
2014/04/28Prospectus - HMS Income Fund - April 2014Download PDF 3.98MB
2014/04/24Post-Effective Amendment No. 7Download PDF 5.74MB
2014/03/17Supplement to ProspectusDownload PDF 576.61 KB
2014/02/18Supplement - Update to the Suitability Standards in OhioDownload PDF 31.20 KB
2014/01/06Supplement SevenDownload PDF 539.77 KB
2013/11/14Supplement Six - Form 10-QDownload PDF 1.08MB
2013/11/13Supplement FiveDownload PDF 126.38 KB
2013/08/30Supplement FourDownload PDF 215.09 KB
2013/08/14Supplement Three - Form 10-QDownload PDF 1,011.38 KB
2013/07/03Supplement TwoDownload PDF 349.00 KB
2013/05/16Supplement One - Form 10-QDownload PDF 986.50 KB
2013/05/14Prospectus - HMS Income Fund - May 2013Download PDF 5.31MB
2013/05/03Post-Effective Amendment No. 4Download PDF 130.89 KB
2013/03/29Supplement No. 9Download PDF 1.83MB
2013/03/20Supplement No. 8Download PDF 234.52 KB
2013/03/01Supplement No. 7Download PDF 147.33 KB
2013/01/07Supplement No. 6 Download PDF 102.84 KB
2012/11/15Supplement No. 5 Download PDF 899.37 KB
2012/09/28Supplement No. 4Download PDF 262.43 KB
2012/09/28Post-Effective Amendment No. 2Download PDF 124.55 KB
2012/09/07Supplement No. 3 Download PDF 370.76 KB
2012/08/13Supplement No. 2 Download PDF 151.55 KB
2012/06/30Prospectus - HMS Income Fund - June 2012Download PDF 1.74MB
2012/06/28Supplement No. 1Download PDF 52.24 KB
2012/06/25Post-Effective Amendment No. 1Download PDF 2.09MB

Financial Reports

2014/09/3010-QDownload PDF 732.12 KB
2014/06/3010-QDownload PDF 1.58MB
2014/03/3110-QDownload PDF 1.46MB
2013/12/3110-K 2013 HMS Income Fund Annual ReportDownload PDF 429.74 KB
2013/12/312013 Annual Report 10-KDownload PDF 2.7MB
2013/09/3010-QDownload PDF 1.06MB
2013/06/3010-QDownload PDF 1,009.75 KB
2013/06/14Proxy Statement and Notice of Annual Meeting of StockholdersDownload PDF 1.7MB
2013/03/3110-QDownload PDF 904.92 KB
2012/12/312012 Annual Report 10-KDownload PDF 2.17MB
2012/09/3010-QDownload PDF 900.57 KB
2012/06/3010-Q Download PDF 139.18 KB

Other Filings

2015/12/30Amendment No. 2 to Schedule TO Tender Offer Download PDF 279.54 KB
2015/12/23Amendment to Schedule TO Tender Offer Download PDF 279.15 KB
2015/12/178-K Declaration of First Quarter 2016 Distributions Download PDF 393.26 KB
2015/11/16Schedule TO - Tender Offer Download PDF 1.43MB
2015/11/068-K Decrease in Offering Price to $9.55 Per ShareDownload PDF 280.03 KB
2015/10/088-K Decrease in Offering Price to $9.70 Per ShareDownload PDF 280.03 KB
2015/09/248-K Stockholder PresentationDownload PDF 1.39MB
2015/09/23Amendment to Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 303.99 KB
2015/09/23 8-K Credit Facility Agreement, Proxy Results and Fourth Quarter DistributionsDownload PDF 1.17MB
2015/09/148-K Press Release Co-Investment in M.H. Corbin with Main StreetDownload PDF 456.99 KB
2015/08/14Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 694.04 KB
2015/07/168-K Press Release Announcing Two New Portfolio Investments Download PDF 461.83 KB
2015/07/10Amendment to Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 305.51 KB
2015/06/258-K Declaration of Third Quarter 2015 DistributionsDownload PDF 412.06 KB
2015/06/24Schedule TO Tender Offer Download PDF 303.52 KB
2015/06/178-K Amendment and Restated Credit Facility Agreement Download PDF 5.43MB
2015/05/298-K Amendment to Credit Facility Agreement Download PDF 636.47 KB
2015/05/18 8-K Amendment and Restated Credit Facility AgreementDownload PDF 5.23MB
2015/05/138-K Amendment to Credit Facility AgreementDownload PDF 537.20 KB
2015/05/11Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 687.79 KB
2015/05/058-K Fourth Amendment to Credit FacilityDownload PDF 316.22 KB
2015/05/018-K Increase in Public Offering PriceDownload PDF 280.00 KB
2015/04/158-K Fee Waiver UpdatesDownload PDF 435.38 KB
2015/03/25Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 278.29 KB
2015/03/248-K Declaration of Second Quarter 2015 DistributionsDownload PDF 393.02 KB
2015/02/12Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 606.00 KB
2015/02/038-K Amendment to Credit Facility Agreement and Election of new Chief Accounting Officer and TreasurerDownload PDF 399.62 KB
2015/01/098-K Decrease in Offering Price to $9.75 Per ShareDownload PDF 274.63 KB
2014/12/188-K Declaration of First Quarter 2015 DistributionsDownload PDF 400.18 KB
2014/12/17Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 277.21 KB
2014/12/03 8-K Amendment to Credit Facility Agreement Download PDF 430.62 KB
2014/11/13Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 605.52 KB
2014/09/308-K Amendment which Extends the Expense Support AgreementDownload PDF 474.54 KB
2014/09/26Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 295.94 KB
2014/09/228-K Amendment to Credit Facility Agreement and Fourth Quarter DistributionsDownload PDF 658.46 KB
2014/08/218-K Press Release Announcing Mystic Logistics InvestmentDownload PDF 442.49 KB
2014/08/198-K Press Release Announcing Guerdon InvestmentDownload PDF 442.02 KB
2014/08/14Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 250.39 KB
2014/08/058-K Proxy Voting ResultsDownload PDF 276.37 KB
2014/08/058-K Stockholder PresentationDownload PDF 1.39MB
2014/07/228-K Credit AgreementDownload PDF 310.62 KB
2014/06/26Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 296.12 KB
2014/06/04Filing of Fidelity BondDownload PDF 14.57MB
2014/06/03HMS Income Fund Announces New Lower Middle-Market InvestmentDownload PDF 435.51 KB
2014/05/308-K Credit Facility Amendment and Credit AgreementDownload PDF 5.29MB
2014/05/15Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 896.26 KB
2014/04/24Annual Proxy StatementDownload PDF 1.33MB
2014/03/318-K Amendment which Extends the Expense Support AgreementDownload PDF 455.81 KB
2014/03/27Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 296.19 KB
2014/03/258-K Declaration of Second Quarter 2014 DistributionsDownload PDF 430.42 KB
2014/03/18Notice Period for Exemptive ReliefDownload PDF 51.09 KB
2014/03/17Exemptive Relief ApplicationDownload PDF 252.47 KB
2014/03/17FORM N-2 Amendment to Registration StatementDownload PDF 6.19MB
2014/03/118-K Syndicated Credit Facility AgreementDownload PDF 5.85MB
2014/02/278-K Departure and Appointment of Certain OfficersDownload PDF 283.80 KB
2014/01/03Schedule TO Tender OfferDownload PDF 294.75 KB
2013/12/308-K Fee Waiver UpdatesDownload PDF 568.91 KB
2013/12/198-K First Quarter 2014 DistributionsDownload PDF 402.08 KB
2013/11/22Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 185.06 KB
2013/11/198-K Amendment of Credit FacilityDownload PDF 159.25 KB
2013/11/118-KDownload PDF 141.82 KB
2013/10/02Schedule TO - Tender OfferDownload PDF 73.48 KB
2013/09/278-K Fourth Quarter DistributionsDownload PDF 109.17 KB
2013/08/30Schedule TO – Tender OfferDownload PDF 794.45 KB
2013/08/168-K Increase in Borrowing CapacityDownload PDF 207.50 KB
2013/06/278-KDownload PDF 50.84 KB
2013/06/148-KDownload PDF 72.87 KB
2013/04/128-KDownload PDF 118.61 KB
2013/03/288-KDownload PDF 118.98 KB
2013/02/258-KDownload PDF 66.25 KB
2013/01/078-K Download PDF 65.73 KB
2012/12/208-K & Press ReleaseDownload PDF 108.39 KB
2012/09/288-K & Press Release Download PDF 108.09 KB
2012/09/178-K & Press ReleaseDownload PDF 195.58 KB
2012/08/228-KDownload PDF 535.55 KB
2012/06/298-K Download PDF 37.29 KB
2012/06/068-KDownload PDF 40.52 KB

You should be aware that the Fund, the Advisers, the Dealer Manager, Main Street and Hines and their respective officers, directors, employees and affiliates do not undertake to provide impartial investment advice or to give advice in a fiduciary capacity in connection with the Fund’s public offering of, or the purchase of, the Shares. In addition, as described elsewhere in this prospectus, each of the Advisers and the Dealer Manager has a financial interest associated with this offering of the Shares, including prospective fees, expense reimbursements and other payments they anticipate receiving from the Fund in connection purchases of the Shares. This prospectus is not intended as a recommendation to make an investment in the Shares, and investors should consult their financial advisors before making an investment decision.