HMS Income Fund Fast Facts

What every potential investor should know about HMS Income Fund.


Exit strategy

  • Intend to explore a potential liquidity event between 4-6 years following the end of the offering period; no finite date and there is no guarantee that such a liquidity event will occur.1

  • May consider listing the company, merging or liquidating the portfolio

Quarterly repurchases2

  • Implemented a share repurchase program in September 2013; only a limited number of shares are eligible for repurchase by us.
  • The number of shares repurchased during any calendar year will be limited to the number of shares we can repurchase with the proceeds we received from the sale of shares under our DRP.
  • Quarterly repurchases will be limited to 2.5% of the weighted average number of shares of our common stock in the last four quarters
  • Repurchase price will be the net asset value as determined within 48 hours prior to the repurchase date

Tax reporting

  • 1099

Minimum investment

  • $2,500 minimum initial investment; $500 subsequent

Investor suitability

  • $70,000 gross annual income and $70,000 net worth or $250,000 net worth (in each case, excluding an investor’s home, home furnishings and autos); see prospectus for specific state requirements

Sales charges, fees and expenses

  • An investment is subject to certain transaction expenses, including sales load, dealer manager fees and offering expenses which total 11.5% and reduce the amount available for investment. An investment is also subject to management fees, incentive fees, interest on borrowed funds and other expenses which will vary based on the amount of capital raised, but could equal 5.45% annually.3

1We do not intend to list the shares on any securities exchange during the offering period, and we do not expect a secondary market in the shares to develop in the near future. Therefore, if you purchase shares you will likely have limited ability to sell your shares. We may explore a potential liquidity event.

2The board of directors has the discretion to suspend or terminate the share repurchase program to the extent that it determines that it is in our best interest to do so.

3Other expenses are based on a projection of expenses we expect to incur in connection with administering our business during the following twelve months, including, specifically, fees pertaining to legal and audit services and the cost of our independent directors. Also included is an estimate of internal administrative expenses, which include our allocable portion of the cost of our chief financial and chief compliance officers, and other administrative personnel. The reimbursement of administrative service expenses was waived through December 31, 2016. The amount annual expenses is based on assumptions about the amount of common stock that we sell in a 12 month period, the amount of funds that we borrow and the net assets that we might achieve and does not reflect the impact of the waiver of administrative expenses.

4There is no assurance that the Fund will pay distributions. The amount and timing of distributions are not guaranteed. Investment income has been insufficient to fund distributions due to the incentive fee on income, which the Adviser and Sub-Adviser have agreed to waive. For the three months ended March 31, 2017, 100% of distributions were paid from net realized income from operations (before the waiver of the incentive fee on income), 0.0% came from the waiver of the incentive fee on income, and 0.0% came from distributions in excess of net investment income, which represents adjustments made to GAAP basis net investment income to arrive at taxable income available for distributions. If the advisors had not agreed to waive their fees, these distributions would have come from investors' paid in capital. Paying distributions from sources other than net realized income lowers an investor's overall return. 

5Price effective as of the Company's January 19, 2017 weekly closing. Based upon the calculated NAV, the pricing committee reviews the offering price to ensure that shares are not being offered at a price, after deduction of selling commissions and dealer manager fees, below NAV per share. Periodic valuations will cause offering price to fluctuate.

For more information, read the prospectus for HMS Income Fund. Copies of the prospectus may be obtained from Hines Securities, Inc., 2800 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 4700, Houston, Texas 77056 or by calling 888.446.3773. You should read the prospectus carefully in order to fully understand the objectives, risks, sales charges, fees and expenses of HMS Income Fund before investing or sending money.

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